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History of Modern U.S. Military Small Arms Ammunition, Volume III, 1946 – 1977

History of Ammunition

When COL Frank W. Hackley, U.S. Army, retired; William H. Woodin; and Eugene L. Scranton were nearing completion of Volume III of their classic History of Modern Small Arms Ammunition, they selected MRC3 Publishing to design, edit, and publish their massive work. Volume III was published by MRC3 Publishing in November, 2015 and has had great success.
History of Modern U.S. Military Small Arms Ammunition, Volume III, 1946 – 1977

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Finding new ways of bringing research

Currently, Carpenter is well underway on his second book covering the history and development of Dardick Tround firearms and ammunition. Like his Gyrojet book, it will be the only published book on the subject. Publication will hopefully be in early 2021 if not late 2020.

In addition to marketing books produced by MRC3 Publishing, Carpenter is also expanding the scope of his business to include marketing and sales of other ammunition related books and publications. To this end, the entire reference library of Dr. James E. Hamby, Ph.D., has been acquired and will provide a treasure trove of ammunition reference material not available elsewhere.


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An excellent resource material for historians, ammunition researchers and forensic scientists. Volume III will greatly add to the knowledge contained in Volumes I and II. I strongly recommend acquiring this set including the new Volume III.


I would like to declare for the record your book on MBA … is a truly outstanding history. … Comprehensive and well organized in every manner, it is a pleasure to read and a prize book in my library. Thank you for an extraordinary work worthy of the price twice over!


Set the standard for serious research in the field of small arms ammunition. The authors are the definitive authorities in the subject and their work is both comprehensive and extremely well presented. No ammunition researcher or collector should be without these books.



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