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Confederate Arsenals, Laboratories, and Ordnance Depots (3 Volume set)

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This is the first of three Confederate volumes. The text sets the stage for the organization of the Confederate Ordnance Bureau and the emergence of Josiah Gorgas, Chief of Ordnance, who was one of the few federal ordnance officers to resign his post and join with the “rebellion.” But, Gorgas could not run the Bureau alone, and the addition of John W. Mallet to his staff as Superintendent of Laboratories in the spring of 1862, was destined to bring order out of the chaos amid frenzied demands for small arms ammunition. Over 650 specimens of Confederate bullets and cartridges, in addition to bullet moulds and numerous other illustrations.


This is a three-volume set: Vol. 1 Alexandria, LA to Fayetteville, NC, 400 p. — Vol. 2 Fort Brown, TX to New Iberia, LA, 424 p. — Vol. 3 New Orleans, LA to Winchester, VA, 424 p. — Confederate Arsenals, Laboratories, and Ordnance Depots is essentially the continuing Parts Five, Six, and Seven of Round Ball to Rimfire; however, although it does continue the history of Civil War small arms ammunition, it actually is more what we have titled it, a study of the fifty-six facilities that produced bullets and cartridges used by the Confederate armies. Heavily illustrated with rarely seen CS ordnance items, maps, and more. Ground breaking research!

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